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maine coon cattery in alabama registered maine coons sale

Kingsfold Cattery, LLC is a unique cattery located in Alabama. We breed and show Oriental Shorthair/Longhair, Peterbald, and Maine Coon cats.


What makes our cattery unique is the fact that it's owned by a professional animal trainer and groomer who believes that all cats should be extensively socialized, trained to travel and used to bathing, grooming, toothbrushing and nail trims. Our kittens are started off the same way most proactive puppy owners raise a new puppy. We focusing on giving the kittens plenty of positive interactions with people, places and other animals. They are raised in the middle of our large family and are used to loud noises, handling by children, loud toys, etc.


Kittens are kept in the cattery a MINIMUM of 12 weeks. During this time, they enjoy the company of other cats of various ages. In this environment, they learn bite-inhibition, proper social and play behavior from the best teachers. Other cats!


We crate-train our kittens and get them used to travel by car before they head to their new homes. For their comfort, we provide them with their own new airline-approved crate and blanket that smells like momma and their littermates.

We do everything we can to ensure an easy transition from our home to yours!

Our Queens

Our Kings


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