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Most families do not live nearby. We are happy to assist with making transport arrangements.


Our kittens live all over the United States!

maine coon pet breeding female cat registered

If you need ground transport, we are happy to assist. We will meet partway or deliver to your door. When traveling with us, your cat will enjoy a private (or semi-private trip) with no outside cats or dogs, just kittens and cats from our cattery. Your cat will travel in its own pet carrier. This option includes a health certificate (necessary for crossing state lines) and pre-travel veterinary exam. Your cat will be treated well on the drive and be given food, water and a litter pan as needed.

Weekend Delivery fee is $1.50 per loaded (outbound) mile. 

Weekday Delivery is $1.50 per loaded mile, plus $75.00 surcharge.

We will personally fly with your kitten in the cabin. We will deliver her to your home or preferred airport. This is currently the quickest way to get your kitten safely home.

If you'd like to fly with your kitten, we will meet you at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (ATL) in Atlanta, Georgia.

Airport delivery includes our travel costs, a health-certificate and veterinary exam (required for air travel) and airline-approved crate and everything your cat needs for a comfortable trip home. The fee is $300.

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