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Why so Expensive?

Updated: Jun 8

Oh boy, I am not being sarcastic when I say that I love this question. The short answer is perhaps the most obvious: "Because my cats are the best!"

Breeding quality cats is an expensive endeavor. Most people don't understand just how costly it is. Sure, finances are a major factor, but breeding cats requires a ton of additional resources, lots of time and lots of space! Most ethical breeders spay/neuter their kittens, vaccinate, microchip, provide health insurance, do health testing and provide genetic health guarantees. We are no exception, but this post is about what sets Kingsfold Cattery apart from all others.

Kingsfold Cattery is a unique cattery. Our goal is to produce kittens that are prepared for life. These are kittens that are well-trained and well-socialized. The cattery is owned by a professional animal trainer (that's me!). I was one of the first "Karen Pryor Academy" certified animal trainers. For several years, I ran an animal training business with cats as the specialty. I've always believed that pet owners should treat their kittens much like they do a new puppy, by socializing and providing lots of positive learning experiences. By the time you bring your Kingsfold kitten home, it will already have been cage and crate trained. It will be used to travel by vehicle. It will be socialized and used to dogs, cats, children, loud noises, being handled by strangers, etc. Our graduating kittens have been exposed to regular bathing, brushing, nail trims and tooth brushing. In addition, kittens are introduced to several kinds of cat litter and a variety of foods (canned, raw and dry). This allows their family to choose how they want to feed and lets them select the litter suits them best without upsetting their kitten. If a buyer encounters a behavioral issue, odds are, I'll be able to offer help and support. From channeling high-energy cats, to handling introductions, I can offer science-based advice when needed. It is my goal to produce kittens that are a joy to own, and a pleasure for veterinarians, groomers, and other pet care professionals to care for.

The cattery owns its own small herd of dairy goats. Wait, what? What does that have to do with with the price of a kitten? Lots, my friend. Raw goat milk is considered to be a universal milk. Most species of baby mammals can be successfully raised on raw goat milk. It is naturally homogenized and full of probiotics and good bacteria. Our kittens are weaned onto fresh milk as one of their first foods. In addition, the cattery owns its own flock of free-range laying hens. We love feeding eggs to our cats and kittens. From raw to scrambled, eggs provide a lot of nutrients for our mother cats and their growing babies. Retired chickens can also provide a great source of whole meat and organs. I'm confident these supplements help to give our kittens the very best start in life.

We show and title our cats. This is a costly endeavor. We live in a rural area and travel a significant distance to compete in cat shows. Entry fees, grooming supplies, gas, food, lodging, pet-sitting, and time are required for us to attend a show. Why should the effort matter to you? Showing cats is one way we hold ourselves accountable. It keeps our breeding program from going off the rails and helps us to ensure that the decisions we are making are improving the breed and not hurting it. Breeders who don't show, or who breed "for money" may be tempted to breed for extreme traits (like giant size for the Maine Coon, or low-set, Dumbo ears for the Orientals). When a good breeder shows cats, they understand how their breed should act and look. They are able to take part in future of the breed, and how it evolves and develops. We need dedicated breeders who can work together to preserve your favorite breeds, or they'll disappear. We don't want that to happen. In 2023, we hope to attend 8 cat shows in the Southern region. As of now, we have added eight new champions this year. We expect to obtain "Grand Champion" titles on at least two of those. Pitori Petra, our white Oriental girl has earned "2nd Best White Oriental" internationally via TICA as well as "Best White Oriental in the Southeast Region". SiaDynasty Gideon of Kingsfold, has earned "Best Cinnamon Spotted Tabby with White" the Southeast Region. We expect the remainder of this show season to be a great one.

Because we show, our grooming has to be top-notch. We treat every single kitten as a show prospect because at any point up intil they are reserved, we might decide they are worth keeping and showing. While it's true that our Orientals and Peterbalds don't require much grooming in preparation for the show ring, they still require a lot of training. They must be patient with us when we bathe them, trim their nails, trim the hair inside their ears, and wipe their ears and bottoms. Maine Coon grooming is a lot more involved, and requires drying also. Regardless of breed, your kitten will be familiar with the entire grooming process and will always look fantastic when it goes home. We are happy to offer advice on how to maintain a gorgeous coat, or how to neaten up a coat that's gotten untidy. Breeders who don't show their cats may not be able to offer the same.

Photography. While we enjoy taking candid photos with our smartphones, we strive to do a professional photoshoot once every 7-10 days. We know how excited you are about receiving your new kitten and want you to capture their first three months in exquisite detail. These are memories you'll have forever. The equipment and time it takes to do these shoots is costly, but it's well worth the effort for the best cats in the world!

Now that you know what makes Kingsfold Cattery special, you may understand that there is likely no other cattery that offers more. We can pull all of these important elements together in a way nobody else can. We are unique and different, and your kitten will be too!

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