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5-Weeks Old, First Bath!

The Kingsfold Kittens had a big day yesterday. They are finally old enough for their first bath, and boy, did they need it! They enjoy their softened and canned foods. Sometimes, they manage to eat more than they wear. Sometimes.

All of the kittens did really well. I was able to use my new commercial pet-hair dryer. I was amazed at how powerful it is. I had each kitten bathed and completely dried in less than 10 minutes!

Once the kittens were dry, we took them outside for their third photoshoot.

They have a lot more hair now than they did last week. There was a lot of combing and fluffing required between shots.

They were a lot more cooperative this time. We managed to get a few photos of two kittens together, but failed at getting any nice photos of the whole group.

This photo of four kittens "almost" worked, but Ariel (the tortie) didn't want to look at the camera, and Alisdair (the white boy in front) looks like a huge monster. Archer (the red boy) is the largest kitten in the litter, but the perspective makes it appear as if he is the smallest. We're going to do another post on that later.

Some of the photos turned out fantastic. Below, are a few examples.

If you'd like to see more, visit the website and click on the photo of each kitten to see his or her album. You can even "Like" your favorites!

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